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Egg Inspired

Egg Inspired


Does anyone know?


So I have heard a lot about comicon and vidcon. I want to go, but I’m not a comic fanatic, and I know almost nothing about batman, so I was wondering if anyone knew anything about these two festivals. I really want to go to at least one and i cant decide. Please help!

So I would like to write a book


Yeah, I know it’s sorta lame, but believe it or not, fashion isn’t the only thing I’m intuited in. I’ve written pages and pages of romance stuff but I need something else, something just as pleasing to read and write without the guilt of someone seeing whats on the screen, anyone with ideas just let me know. I don’t mean a whole storyline, just a simple idea for a book or short story, that you don’t mind me using.


On a completely different note, this generation has some of the best technology, yet out of all the possible outcomes I’m is almost never on the list when I type im.

Pink ladies

Pink ladies

Pink ladies by lilap featuring an owl shirt

Miss Selfridge owl shirt
$57 –

Bardot embroidered jeans
$130 –

Platform heels


Pull Bear beaded jewelry
$15 –

Agent Ninetynine beanie hat
$30 –

Tech accessory

NARS Cosmetics lip stick