Hey everyone, my name is Lila, I’m involved with this website called Polyvore, and i would really appreciate it if you fashionestas out there would follow me. Its really easy, all you do is sign up (its free) and you make templates using designers clothes, and post them so the world can see. You can post them to facebook, twitter, blog cites, and much more. No im not advertising for Polyvore, but its defiantly a young fashionesta’s (like me) dream come true. So please find me “Lilap” and like my sets, and follow me. Thanks a bunch

– Lila 


About lilaperkins

Hi I'm like, I like fashion, music, and creating things. I have a Polyvore account under lilap and I se it daily. For any fashionestas I highly recommend getting a polyvore. This is my first blog an I created it so I cold share my creations from polyvore with you, but fashion isnt the only thing i do.

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